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Playing on-line

Playing on-line

When it comes to the addition of these games, you have to realize that any computer game or arcade game can become the object of obsession. The fact is that there are many people who love to play these games because they are simple and the graphics allow the gamer to concentrate more on the game then on the graphics. 

When it comes to having an arcade game, you will need to have someone who is a good mechanic to endorse the game and improve the game. The games are essentially created to promote an atmosphere of fun. Arcade games have an easy learning curve which attracts people of all ages.

It is the fighter series that have had most of the success. Games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat have become very popular because of the fighting moves.


These games survived purely on their intense game play which involves a rapid carnage of joystick and the buttons. You should still give some credit to these games, because you’ll find that the sophistication of some games like Dead or Alive are based on these simple games. 

Arcade Games like Tetris and Bejeweled involved game play that required one to rack their brains in order to succeed. Not only are these games good for entertainment, but they also help you to develop some mental development, because you basically master them. You are able to think about moves that are way ahead in the game.

Some of the more intense games that are played have now become a favorite for those who are into the gaming industry.. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 comes pre-loaded with an arcade puzzle game, Hexic HD. Most of the Xbox Live arcade games have multiplayer support over Xbox Live.

You can assume that there will be more arcade classics making their way out on Xbox and other units. You will also want to keep in mind that some of the other gaming units are remaking some of these old classics in hopes to get a handle on the whole market.

On-line Arcade Games

On-line Arcade Games 


The most popular online game is Pac-man. Also, don’t forget about Pong, Bejeweled, and even Street Fighter. These games are almost timeless and they will stay alive through hi-definition graphics, which makes the game a bit more sophisticated. 


Joust is a classic arcade game that puts you in the role of a knight with a lance while mounted on an ostrich. The game has a split screen with five platforms that hang in the mid air. 

The enemies come in wave after wave from the one end of the screen. They appear at the screens in four different spawn points. Basically, for you to destroy you enemy, you will need to collide with the knight, but you have to be at the higher position in order to do so.

Donkey Kong

Then there came Donkey Kong, which was released by Nintendo. The game was the pioneer in the platform genre as the game play basically revolved around maneuvering.

The main character comes across a series of platforms while dodging various obstacles. When it comes to the hero of the game, you will find that it is basically a huge ape named Donkey Kong and it has become a very popular character. 

Despite an initial slow down, the game went on to become a tremendous success. Consequently, the game was developed for personal consoles.


Crimson skies

A lot of people don’t realize that Crimson Skies is an arcade game that was developed by FASA. The game was released as a flight simulator with an arcade touch. Flight control scheme is fairly simple. Then the take off and the landing happen almost automated.

Some of the games of recently been placed on Xbox, but you will find that there is a whole fleet of options when it comes to fighters. There are a lot of great designs and graphics to go along with these games.

Designs for on-line gaming

Designs for on-line gaming

The arcade games happen to be first an coin operated machine. The use of arcade games became very strong because it was based on a new type of technology, which soon became a commodity. 

The coin operated games have custom made hardware inside, but it is also powered by many CPU’s so that you can get the special sounds and the great graphics. 

The design simplicity of these games enabled the programmers to spend more time into enhancing the basics of game play. When it comes to the conception of a great game, you will find that it is based on mostly how the graphics are perceived. 

Often, the first games where very clever, because they could hide their graphic limitations in many ways. A fine example is Atari’s Night Driver, the first racing game to deliver a ‘first’ person perspective, and also showing the road as seen from the cockpit.

Often the night theme was one of the best ways to hide some of the images that were not created or not created well. It gave the perception that the need for complicated images wasn’t necessary. The Night Driver’s concept of ‘scaling’ flat images called ‘sprites’ to stimulate a 3d movement was a cult design basis for most 3d games.

Once these games were ported to PC, they were designed with Flash, Java and DHTML. Then there are on-line arcade games that happen to be programmed on flash, but the graphics are in a file format. 

The design was very simple, but that didn’t take away the need for playing time and did not hinder the success of the game. This was, perhaps, the most probable reason for the immense resilience in these games.

Keep in mind that the newer arcade games have now began to seek newer gadgets to improve the appearance of the game. You’ll find that light guns and even some dance mats have now been able to draw the crowd in and you’ll find that the old joystick has become outdated.

History of Arcade Games

History of Arcade Games

The first arcade game started from Pong, but then moved on to become one of the biggest rages of the time. The games where mostly simple in design, but gave you plenty of raw game time. 

With the newer arcade games, you will find that it made use of intense leaps in technology and now uses some of the best graphic technology on the market. The arcade games were designed to be played with a group of friends in pubs, malls and restaurants.

These days arcade games are more than isolated gaming sessions. Keep in mind that arcade games have plenty of followers and now have built communities and even cults that are committed to the tradition of playing. 

Then the arcade game came into the home, thanks to the home console gaming units.. They started out as redemption games, pinball machines and video games.

The reason that arcades began to shut down was because they were labeled as very sinister places and they became known for being unsafe. They saw resurgence with the advent of the “two players fighting each other” games such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Killer Instinct.

But, then, again the game consoles and PC’s with 3d accelerator cards successfully dwarfed the advantage arcade games enjoyed. When it comes to the success of arcade games, you will find that it has beat the home computer game popularity and also it has become available on many systems so that you can get new games with better quality graphics and also you’ll be able to use better sound cards so that the experience of the game is better. 

The steep decline ensured that they could no longer fund their technologies.

Then, the decline of the arcade hit hard in the last 1990’s, because the Internet made things a bit worse. With help from the Internet the competition between players got a lot more serious. 

This is why most of the arcade games have been changed into PC games or home console gaming units. Today the on-line arcade games have a huge fan following with thousands of tournaments being held on-line every year.
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As for the online arcade games, you will find that it is a very fast pace world that allows the arcade become more virtual and the graphics are a lot better. When you think about arcades, you have to realize that there is a new type of future for these games.                                                              Stumble it

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